Upcoming Events

August 17: I’ll be participating in a Reboot conversation w/ Jasmine Sun (virtual, public)

September 15: I’ll be joining with a few fantastic collaborators to launch my new book, A City Is Not a Computer, at Data & Society (virtual, public)

September 23 @ 5pm: I’ll be participating in a panel celebrating the launch of Assembly Codes: The Logistics of Media (Duke University Press), an edited collection to which I contributed a chapter on “listening to logistics” (virtual, public)

September 25 @ 9am: I’ll be sharing a keynote, “Compassionate Concealment: Hiding as Method in Memory Care,” at the “Architectures of Hiding” conference at Carleton University (virtual, public)

September 27 @ 9am: I’ll be joining with Kameelah Janan Rasheed to co-keynote the Information+ conference (virtual, public?)

September 30 – October 3: I might be sharing a paper about “media topography” at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts conference? (virtual)

October 8: I’ll be joining Elaine Gan for a conversation on her Multispecies Worldbuilding podcast (virtual, public)

Some time in October: I’ll be joining Sarah Williams, author of Data Action, to talk about our new books at the School for Constructed Environments at Parsons! (virtual, public)

October 14: I’ll be talking about my work with the Digital Textualities group, led by Michael Nardone, at Concordia University (virtual, private)

October 20: I might be participating in the “City of Tomorrow” symposium at the 92nd St Y in New York (virtual, public)

October 25-7: I’ll be keynoting the Panhellenic Academic Library Conference (virtual, public?)

November 5: I’ll be keynoting an event about public space and publishing at Sheffield Hallam University (virtual, public?)

November 17: I’ll be sharing new work in Haverford College Libraries’ Perspective Series (virtual, public)

December 7: I’ll be talking about my new book at the University Siegen’s Collaborative Research Center (virtual, public)

January 27, 2022: I’ll be speaking about digital urbanism at the Museum of Art + Design, Miami (on-site, public)

More spring events to come…