Upcoming Events

November 23, 2020: I’ll be talking about split-flap displays as part of the “Writing on Objects” Material Texts Roadshow at the Penn Workshop in the History of Material Texts, University of Pennsylvania (virtual)

December 4, 2020: I’ll be talking about “Cities and Computers,” with Yuri Furuhata, Brian House, and Ranjodh Dhaliwal (virtual)

January 27, 2021: I’ll be talking about something that ties together digital infrastructures, archives, critical cartography, and technologized perception, and urban design in UCL’s CASA series (virtual)

February 4, 2021: I’ll be reprising my UCL CASA talk at ROM for kunst and arkitektur and the Oslo National Art Academy (virtual)

Feb 9, 2021: I’ll be speaking at the “Urban Laboratory” at HafenCity University Hamburg (virtual)

February 17, 2021: I’ll be joining Nikhil Anand and Kate Brown to celebrate the launch of Rahul Mukherjee’s Radiant Infrastructures: Media, Environment, and Cultures of Uncertainty (Duke University Press, 2020) (virtual)

February 18, 2021: I’ll be joining Marisa Duarte, Rahul Mukherjee, and Tyler Morgenstern to discuss the “The New Ethereality” — on the cultural, political, and social dimensions of wireless — at the Carsey-Wolf Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara (virtual)

March 26, 2021: I’ll be one of the keynotes (along with Benjamin Bratton, Yves Citton, and Keller Easterling) for the “Deep City: Climate Crisis, Democracy and the Digital” conference at the Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

April 7, 2021: I’ll be presenting something in the Department of Anthropology at Aarhus University, Denmark

April 16, 2021: I’ll be talking about cities, data, maps, and trees at the Robert Penn Warren Center at Vanderbilt University (virtual)

April 2021: I’ll be presenting something in the Computer Mouse conference in NYC

April 2021: I’ll be keynoting “Between Map and Terrain,” a Twitter conference (!) hosted by the University of Stavenger, Norway