The Visual Rhetoric of Resilient Urbanism (2015)

On December 3, 2015, I had the pleasure of responding to a fantastic paper by Emily Eliza Scott (about whom I wrote in my “Infrastructural Tourism” article a few years ago). Emily’s paper, on “Oyster-tecture and Resilient Urbanism,” will appear in a book on urban ecology, edited by landscape architect Kate Orff.

I’m not working on any projects related to climate change — nor am I an expert on landscape urbanism or resilient urbanism. But I, like Emily, am interested in artistic practices and other aesthetic means of making complex systems, like urban ecologies and infrastructures, intelligible or sense-able. Such infrastructurally-minded art projects were a central theme in Emily’s paper — but I decided to focus my response on another aesthetic dimension of these larger discourses of urban ecologies and resiliency: the visual rhetoric of the designers’ renderings. You can find my slides and text here.