Infrastructural Tourism

Infrastructural Tourism,” Places (July 1, 2013)

on multisensorial means of “experiencing” infrastructure


Infrastructural Tourism Article Published in Places Journal

Tourists at the Hoover Dam, 1940; via  Wikimedia Commons
Tourists at the Hoover Dam, 1940; via Wikimedia Commons  

My article on “infrastructural tourism” — pedagogical and artistic projects for visiting, sensing, and critically engaging with infrastructure, from the interstate to the Internet — was just published in Places journal.

I’ve worked with Places on two other projects — a survey of “little libraries” and a study of South Korea’s Paju Bookcity — and have found the experience to be among the most rewarding experiences of my writing career. Unlike with traditional academic publishing, I can see the fruits of my labor within a matter of a few months, rather than years; and I have the pleasure of working with two outstanding editors, Nancy Levinson and Josh Wallaert, who are concerned not only with the soundness of my argument (which, in academia, is often equated with citing the right names), but also with the quality of my writing. I really appreciate their continued support and interest in my work.