Re/Lab: 2014-2016

Re/Lab is a New School-wide research collective premised on the idea that students of media think and engage more creatively when they deeply understand the material history of their subject. We (Kate Eichhorn, Melissa Friedling (our intrepid leader), Amir Husak, Dale MacDonald, Rosalie McManis, Barry Salmon, Colin Stearns, and me) aim to make visible what the processes of “upgrading” and the blind pursuit of “innovation” often obscure. We’re creating a digital collection of “object biographies” of old-school media technologies unearthed in The New School’s labs, classrooms, and offices. We’re also organizing a series of workshops and retreats, and linking media-archaeologically-informed classes across the divisions — and we’ll eventually complement the new “media archaeology” focus area in the Media Studies MA program. Here’s our website.