Cartographic Archive (2015)

In November 2015 I guest-presented in Joseph Heathcott’s Archive/City class, which shares many interests with my own Archives/Libraries class and my various map-related and urban-history-related classes. Joseph asked me to talk about archives and cartography, so I figured we’d address the relationship between those terms in seven variations: archives of maps; the “archive” of cartographic epistemology, or how the Foucauldian “archive” that maps embody has evolved over the centuries; carto-archival art; how history is “mapped” or “archived” on maps themselves (or, maps as material objects that trace the passing of time); the use of maps to archive — or as a substrate for archival arrangement; curating and mapping archived data not to trace history, but for purposes of prediction; and using maps as forensic tools. You can find my notes and links here.