Books to Broadband: South Korea’s Paju Bookcity (2012)

I spoke about my summer research in Paju Bookcity, a “city for books” just north of Seoul, in wetlands near the demilitarized zone. This research was sponsored by both the Korea Foundation and the New School Provost’s Office’s Faculty Research Fund (which afforded me the opportunity to work with my fabulous research assistant, Ran Kim). Here are my slides. Our work later appeared in Places Journal.

All are welcome to attend:

Tuesday, October 16
Orozco Room, 66 W 12th Street, 7th Floor

Books and Broadband: South Korea’s Paju Bookcity

Just a few miles from the demilitarized zone in South Korea a new city has arisen — a city dedicated to books. Paju Bookcity attempts to write a new chapter for Korean history that weaves together publishing, architecture, and urban planning — all fields that have faced dramatic changes in the nation’s tumultuous twentieth century, and particularly in the past two-and-a-half decades. In this talk I’ll explore the place of Paju Bookcity, which is entering its second phase of development and planning for a third, within South Korea’s “Digital Dynasty.”