Archived Course: Media Education Lab

Co-taught with Peter Haratonik, project-based graduate seminar elective

What are the critical, timely issues or questions that a progressive media studies program should grapple with? What curricula can prepare today’s and tomorrow’s students to function effectively as media critics, scholars, artists, managers, and producers in an increasingly global, digital, competitive landscape? What resources are required to put this curriculum into action? These are the questions that we address in this course. Students (1) complete readings on the philosophy of education, educational technology, and media education, and (2) maintain personal blogs where they post their responses to the course readings and weekly discussion themes; (3) conduct reviews of existing media curricula at The New School and at institutions around the world; (4) meet with experts in media education and educational technology; (5) build, collectively, a publicly accessible media education resource website; and (6) develop, in small groups, media curriculum proposals that will be presented to representatives from the New School’s administration.

Spring 2008:  Syllabus