Archived Course: Immediacy: Creating a Multimedia Online Journal

Elective project-based graduate seminar

Don’t let the name fool you: immediacy is profoundly mediated. This online space – a virtual annex to the Media Studies Program’s classrooms and labs – offers a place to present and discuss student work in a variety of media formats. In this course we’ll revive immediacy, rebuilding it, if we so choose, from the ground up. We’ll examine several exemplary online media platforms to see what we can learn from them, speak with professionals from the multimedia publishing world, and explore theories from literary criticism and media studies – theories of “the text” and editing – that will inform our work. How will we design the evolutionary process through which this online space is reinvented and reinvigorated?

Immediacy is an “emergent” project, which means that its form and content will not be apparent to us as we begin our work, but will take shape and attain focus as we continue to read, talk, and experiment. Ultimately, immediacy might become something more than a publication, something other than a static text – perhaps a form better suited for the presentation of current work and debate – a forum for the immediate.

Fall 2006: Syllabus