Mapping Time

A few weeks ago I gave a guest presentation in Rory Solomon’s Time studio — a required, first-semester design studio for all Parsons freshmen. It reminded me of just how much I miss teaching freshmen: so fresh, so curious, so eager!

Rory asked me to talk about mapping time, so I pulled together a three-part presentation highlighting (1) timelines and maps with a temporal or historical dimension; (2) maps of the ephemeral; and (3) objects and places that register time’s passing.

Behold! My slides:

rnd lab
rnd lab

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This is quite enjoyable to see. Would you mind if I linked to this via our Parsons Time Faculty Blog?
Thanks for visiting, Rory’s a joy.
Be well, Tom

Hi, Tom. Sure, you’re welcome to use this however you like! Rory and I taught together for four years (and I advised his Master’s thesis); he’s certainly a valued colleague and collaborator.

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