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Nina Katchadourian's Austria
Nina Katchadourian’s Austria

I’ve almost finalized the syllabus for my new fall “Maps as Media” graduate studio; there are a few tiny logistical details to be ironed out. Yet in preparation for next week’s semester-start, I created our course website last night.

I’m really looking forward to this. We’ll be talking about mapping epistemologies and critical cartographies and indigenous mapping and sensory mapping and timeline-ing and a bunch of other interesting stuff. We’ll be visiting the NYPL Map Division and the offices of CartoDB (I imagine there’ll be a few more optional, ad hoc field trips, too). We’ll be talking with the folks at NYPL Labs about their Space/Time Directory, participating in a mapping workshop with the talented folks from Mapzen, and talking with Radical Cartographer Bill Rankin and artist Nina Katchadourian. Should be quite a journey. Ugh.

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