“Speculative Archaeology” in Places

Freeman + Lowe, Floating Chain
Freeman + Lowe, Floating Chain

I wrote about speculative archaeology — the myriad art and design projects that adopt the m.o., method, or metaphor of archaeology — in Places. Among the projects I address are Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe’s Floating Chain (High-Res Toni), Allan Wexler’s Breaking Ground, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art’s Way of the Shovel exhibition (including Mark Dion’s, LaToya Ruby Frazier’s, and Cyprian Gaillard’s work), the DredgeFest extraction tours, the recent “Lines and Nodes” symposium and screening series (which I helped a bit to organize), David Maisel’s photography, Allan Sekula’s photographer “counter-forensics,” Eyal Weizman’s forensic architecture, and Matthew Kirchenbaum’s and Cory Arcangel’s digital forensics, as well as media archaeology.

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