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The panorama @ Queens Museum
The panorama @ Queens Museum

The art pickings are a bit slimmer (as we all tend to be) over the summer — but in recent weeks I have managed to see a few exhibitions: the “Here and Elsewhere” show of Arab art at The New Museum (exciting and provocative — and so dense I need to revisit at least once more); “Bringing the World Into the World” at the Queens Museum (tiny and charming); the Garry Winogrand show (a big, fat eh) and Amie Siegel’s “Provenance” (ahhhhh) at the Met.


The Reanimation Library's Corona Branch @ Queens Museum
The Reanimation Library’s Corona Branch @ Queens Museum


I quite like these walnut vitrines.
I quite like these walnut vitrines.

But Holy Mary, Mother of God, am I ever looking forward to the fall! Such an embarrassment of riches!

In recent years several students and friends have asked if they might join me on my art outings. So, I figured I’d plan a little something for next weekend — Saturday, 9/13, to be precise. I’m just gonna do my normal thing — which involves packing as much activity into an afternoon as possible, walking myself into the ground, stuffing visions and ideas into my brain until paint starts leaking out my ears — and hope folks can keep up!

Allan McCollum @ Petzel
Allan McCollum @ Petzel

Here’s what’s on the itinerary. It might be insane to pack this all into one day — but by golly, I’m gonna try:


Then, downtown:

And later this month:

  • Gabriel Orozco @ Marian Goodman, 24 W 57th, 9/16 – 10/18
  • The Library Vaccine (very curious about this one) @ Artists Space, 38 Greene, 9/25 – 11/9
  • Thread Lines @ Drawing Center, 35 Wooster, 9/19 – 12/14
  • Bill Morrison @ MoMA, 10/14 – 11/24
Somewhere near the coast of Labrador

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