My Review of Hillel Schwartz’s Making Noise Is Finally, Well, Making Some Noise (Metaphorically Speaking)

My review of Hillel Schwartz’s fabulous Making Noise: From Babel to the Big Bang and Beyond (Zone Books, 2011) — which I worked my way through waaay back in early 2012 — is finally out in Current Musicology. One of the points I make in my review is that the book is polychronic:

Structuring the book in “Rounds” seems fitting for a story that cycles through time, continually revisits subjects…, and appreciates their echoes. Even the book’s polychronic subtitle—which starts with Babel, then listens back for echoes of the Big Bang, then listens forward to the beyond—suggests that this is not a linear, teleological story.

 Perhaps fittingly, this issue of Current Musicology, very recently published, is their Spring 2012 issue. They’re a little behind schedule 🙂

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