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Matter Practice Little Free Library; photo by me
Matter Practice Little Free Library; photo by me

Noted British architecture/landscape writer Ken Worpole recently published a fantastic book on library design, and he was kind enough to have his publisher, Routledge, send me a copy. Contemporary Library Architecture: A Planning and Design Guide offers a pithy and helpful overview of the library’s civic and informational functions, how those functions (and others) are embodied and supported by architecture, and what libraries must take into consideration in the design process. I’m really pleased to see that Ken has cited my own work quite frequently in the book. He wrote me a couple years ago to mention how useful he found my libraries book while researching his own, and I’m stoked to be in such illustrious company.

Little Free Library / NYC from Architectural League of New York on Vimeo.

In other news, the Architectural League of New York has released a video documenting its Little Free Library | NYC competition, for which I served on the jury. You’ll see me, with my crazy windblown hair, in the video; the video’s lovely — but of course I encourage you to look away for those awkward moments when I’m on-screen. The libraries are on view at ten sites around Manhattan through September 1.

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