My “Hearing Infrastructures” Talk at HUMlab in Umeå, Sweden

Via  Bedlam
Via Bedlam 

On Monday I spoke at the fabulous HUMlab in Umeå, Sweden. My talk, “Hearing Urban Infrastructures: A Sonic Archaeology of the Media-City,” was essentially a mash-up of three chapters from the book I’m currently writing, and drew pretty liberally from ideas I’ve been working out in previous talks — including my public lecture at the Canadian Centre for Architecture from last summer and my talk at the Network Archaeologies conference at Miami University last spring.

Because this work will be published in Amodern later this year, I won’t post the full text here. But I’ve shared my slides below, and (if you must) you can watch a video of the lecture on HUMlab’s streaming archive. I, for one, can’t stand watching myself.

Mattern, Hearing Urban Infrastructures, Umea by shannonmattern

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