Off to HUMLab for Infrastructure | Space | Media Symposium

I’m very excited to be making my first trip to HUMLab at Umeå University this week. I’m prepared for lots of cold, snow, and darkness (only four hours of daylight!, though I’m hoping to see the Northern Lights!) — but that’s fine: I’ll be inside, talking about infrastructures of knowledge production with scores of fantastic people, many of whom I know personally, and some of whom I count among my intellectual heroes.

We’ll all be gathered for the “Media Places: Infrastructure | Space | Media symposium. I have the honor of joining Tara McPherson from USC (one of the aforementioned heroes), Zephyr Frank from Stanford, and Cecilia Lindhé from Umeå University on the introductory panel, which has been charged with tackling one of the symposium’s central issues: “knowledge production.” No big deal.

I’m talking about “designing and inhabiting spaces where knowledge is produced through embodied experiences – and how those spaces function as both physical and intellectual infrastructures.” I plan to focus on five such spaces: libraries, archives, labs, classrooms, and galleries. I’m still working on the talk — as I should’ve expected, I’m still pretty brain-dead after finishing up this other big project really late last night — but if it turns out okay, I’ll post it here.

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