Workshop on Evaluation/Critique of DH Projects @ THATCamp Theory, October 13

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I have yet to attend a THATCamp. I know, I should be embarrassed. Well, now’s my chance to right the wrong. Several months ago I received a kind invitation from Roger Whitson and Natalia Cecire to lead a workshop at THATCamp Theory at Rutgers University. So, on Saturday October 1, from 2:30 to 3:45, I’ll be leading a workshop on Evaluation and Critique of Digital Humanities Projects:

This workshop will focus on developing a critical vocabulary for responding to DH and systems for providing meaningful evaluative feedback, including 1) developing critical evaluative criteria for various formats of multimodal work and 2) identifying theoretical frameworks that inform those criteria. We’ll consider both professional and student projects and spend some time considering how to make project evaluation an integral part of the DH classroom. Depending on the interests of the group, our case studies might include data visualizations, map-based projects, crowd-sourced archival projects, and other interactive publications.

A few weeks ago I posted a list of evaluative criteria, and that post was itself an update of a post, on “evaluating multimodal student work,” from two years ago. Now my challenge is to identify some helpful case studies that we can explore together, and in small groups. As I said above, these examples should encompass both professional and student projects, and should include a variety of “genres”: data visualizations, maps, archival projects, interactive pubs, etc.

If anyone has any recommendations, I welcome them!

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