Urban Media Archaeology — Now Even *More* Awesome! (…in my humble opinion)

via Stamen

I’m really happy with how both of my fall classes — Archives, Libraries & Databases and Urban Media Archaeology — shaped up this semester. Despite the fact that I started planning for both a couple months ago, I was only recently able to confirm a few additional special events for UMA. In addition to our “walking tour of the Internet” with Andrew Blum; our visit with two former UMA students, who’ll be sharing with us their fantastic projects; our pecha kucha with Anne Balsamo, Brian McGrath, and unnamed others serving as our guest critics, we’ll also have…

  • Lize Mogel, of Atlas of Radical Cartography fame, joining us in class on October 24
  • Eric Rodenbeck, CEO of Stamen Design, Skyping in on November 28
  • Postdoc Simon Ganahl joining us all the way from Austria …all semester long!
  • AND we’re going to unveil a major redesign of the Urban Research Toolkit, our collaboratively-designed, open-source mapping platform, very soon!


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