Urban Media Archaeology, Round 3

This was the Weekend of Websites! Last night I finished my second course site for the semester — this time for Urban Media Archaeology, which I’m teaching (with my trusty sidekick Rory) for the third semester. I have yet to work out a few details, including confirming our guest speaker for our “critical cartography” lesson (I’ve been in conversation with someone fantastic, but we haven’t yet sealed the deal) and our pecha kucha critics — but, for the most part, everything’s in place!

In a reprise of his 2010 meeting with us, Andrew Blum‘s taking us on another “walking tour of the Internet” — but this time, because the class meets a bit later at night than before, Andrew wants to make it “spooky.” I’m excited to see what that means. We also have two former students joining us to talk about their past projects, on independent bookstores and key sites in the Fluxus movement. And as usual, we’ll talk about media archaeology, “multimodal scholarship,” archival research, the history and politics of mapping, software development, data modeling, and modes of multimedia argumentation; the students will do weekly map critiques and a group-critique of a selection of prominent Digital Humanities projects; and we’ll have a mid-semester pecha kucha. Should be fun, as usual! (knock on wood)

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