New Archives, Libraries Databases Course Website

The website for my Fall 2012 section of Archives, Libraries & Databases is up! There’s a lot of continuity since I last taught the class a year-and-a-half ago, but I did a thorough review of all the material and decided to do a little rearranging and refreshing, too. The “future of the library” debate is raging — so there’s a lot of fantastic new stuff to draw from on that topic. I refreshed some other readings and tweaked some of the assignments. There are few details I have yet to finalize — e.g., I’m still confirming a couple field trips and guest speakers — but for the most part, it’s finished!

I have until Tuesday to make changes, so if you have any recommendations for revisions or additions — or if you’re interested or expert in any of the topics we’re addressing and you’d like to stop by the class or propose that we visit you — please write to let me know!

Now, on to my Urban Media Archaeology syllabus and website

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