The Forms of Data in CLOG

“Data Case,” my teeny-tiny article on the material forms of data — the objects that contain it, the “exoskeletons” it creates for itself, etc. — was just published in the “Data Space” issue of design journal CLOG, which features other great articles on data centers, “the cloud,” informatics, the evolution of data storage, and related topics. Good stuff.

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I think you provide some great nuggets of insight that connects Kirschenbaum observation on the material properties of media and data centers. I’m in the middle of putting together a comprehensive list of readings on media and materiality and this was particularly helpful.

Thanks, Adeel! “Nuggets of insight” are the best one can offer in such a short article 🙂 If you’re looking for more media + materiality resources, you might find some useful material on my “Media + Materiality” course website. You’ll find all of our weekly readings are listed in “Schedule + Readings,” with supplemental resources posted at the bottom of the page; and I have some additional thematic/topical units in the “Plug Ins” section.

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