It Didn’t Have to End Like This

Delicious, we had a good run. Four years and two months ago we met, hit it off, and decided we’d be partners. Since then, we worked side-by-side nearly every day. I kept you well fed, you kept me organized. I sang your praises.

Then, late last year, you ran into a bit of bad luck. I stuck by you. But then you started hanging out with a different gang. They decided to make you more “mainstream” — to trick you out all “social media”-like. I never thought you were that type. I liked the original you — the dependable, conscientious, understated you. And when you showed up at school one day with a new avatar, a new Facebook-y-wannabe wardrobe, I was hurt. What about what we had? Didn’t it mean anything to you?

I waited for you to come to your senses. I’d occasionally see little glimmers of hope. You started bundling tags again. You brought back auto-complete. But I just couldn’t get over that makeover. I missed the old, minimalist, clean-cut you — and it pained me too much to look at the mess you’d become.

So, I’m leaving you, Delicious. In fact, I’ve already moved on. I’ve got a new bookmarking site — Pinboard. And it makes me happy. Very, very happy. It’s everything you once were, and more. Gorgeously clean and simple and reliable. Plus, it allows full-text search of all my bookmarked sites! You never did that for me.

We had a good run, Delicious. We’ve just grown apart. I wish you well. Enjoy your new friends.

ah — it takes my breath away!

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What a disappointment (but how much I understand)!

I, too, have greatly appreciated the value of delicious and was both dismayed and disappointed in its changes. One of its great values to me was its “network” function which allowed me to find, and follow, you. I have found great values in the references you cite, and have learned a lot from them.

When delicious changed, I shopped around for alternatives and never found one that appealed as much as the good ol’ delicious. I took a look at Pinboard but got turned off by its fee and the assumption that others, also, would avoid it for the same purpose making it, in essence, a personal collection place rather than a shared resource.

Maybe I’ll take another look at Pinboard but, in any case, am very sorry to see you go. Thank you very much for all your very good research, and for using a place that allowed me to learn from you!

Jim Meredith

Thanks so much for your note, Jim! It’s so heartening to learn that my little bookmark habit meant so much to someone else.

Delicious was once really good at what it did, and I was sad to have to leave. But I’ve found that Pinboard, aside from the fact that it’s not free, picks up where Delicious left off. And it has the clean aesthetic I missed from the *old* Delicous. Pinboard does allow for the creation of networks — but if you decide not to join you can still follow my bookmarks via RSS: feed://

Thanks again, Jim.

I just wanted to say this post (and a lot of things in UMS) has changed my habits. At the start of September, I didn’t understand why we needed all these different applications and services (Papers, Pinboard, Evernote, Scrivener, etc). I’ve always been pretty good at organizing my own thoughts between my head and a paper notebook. But now it’s becoming clear how absolutely necessary they all are. Sure, you could do it as low-tech as possible, but it’s much easier to keep track of everything this way. Now back to my lit review!

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