My Classroom Is Open To You. There Will Be Fireworks.

Just a typical Monday night lecture. I might be the only faculty member with a Pyrotechnics TA — via Flickr:

In my Understanding Media Studies graduate lecture course, we dedicate the second half of the semester to the various “focus areas” within our curriculum, and we open these lectures to the entire School of Media Studies. You’re welcome to join us. All lectures take place in Tishman Auditorium, 66 W 12th Street, from 6 to 7:45 pm.

October 17: Social Media and Social Change: GEERT LOVINK, Director, Institute of Networked Cultures; Introduced by CHRISTIANE PAUL, Media Studies Faculty; with MARIA BYCK, Paper Tiger Television

October 24: Media and International Affairs: CAROL WILDER, Media Studies Faculty, with MAI LIEN TO and ALEXANDRA KELLY, Hanoi Media Lab

October 31: Film Form: MELISSA FRIEDLING and MARCUS TURNER, Media Studies Faculty, with a video introduction by SAM ISHII GONZALES, Media Studies Faculty

November 14: Documentary Studies: DEIRDRE BOYLE, Media Studies Faculty

November 21: Sound Studies & Acoustic Environments: ANN HEPPERMANN, Peabody Award-winning public radio producer and media artist; Introduced by BARRY SALMON, Media Studies Chair; with JIM BRIGGS, Advisor, WNSR: New School Radio

November 28: Media Management: Special Guest TBD; Introduced by PAUL HARDART, Media Studies Faculty

December 5: Media & the Urban Environment: ADRIAN HOPKINS, BENJAMIN MENDELSOHN & TANYA TOFT, Media Studies alum; Introduced by SHANNON MATTERN, Media Studies Faculty

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