What the Hell Is Wrong With You, Delicious?!

What gives, Delicious!? Your juvenile redesign has rendered you pretty much useless as a research tool. I can see only about one tenth of my tags. And when I’m saving new links and adding tags, there’s no auto-complete — so now I have to remember what my list of 300+ tags contains…which I can’t do, since only 30 or so of them are visible. You tell me my comments can’t exceed 1000 characters, yet you give me no character count — so I have no idea how far over the limit I am and how much I have to cut! I can’t update URLs on previously saved links. I can’t search for multiple tags simultaneously (which is essential for research!).

On the other hand, I now have a cute “Keyboard Cat” avatar — and I seem to be stuck with it.

Dammit, Delicious, you jerk. How could you do this to me? I even wrote a nice article about you!

I’ll give you a few days to fix these mistakes before I bail. No offense, Keyboard Cat. I realize you had nothing to do with this.


One reply on “What the Hell Is Wrong With You, Delicious?!”

I couldn’t agree with you more. Delicious was a simple, easy to use and great for research. I recently joined, but have been using the site daily. I am terribly frustrated and disappointed with its new design.

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