Urban Media Archaeology, Second Time Around

This coming semester Rory and I will be leading a new group of graduate students through Urban Media Archaeology. We applied the many logistical and technical lessons we learned from the (inaugural) Fall 2010 class to make this second iteration into what we hope is an equally satisfying, yet slightly less fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, experience. Highlights of the Fall 2011 class include:

  • A walking tour of cellphone infrastructure with Michael Chen and Justin Snider;
  • Precedents!: this makes a huge difference! Last year, we started from scratch, and therefore had no experience to build on;
  • Visits from Fall 2010 students, who’ll share their projects and their work processes;
  • A visit from Matt Knutzen, Assistant Chief of the Map Division at the NYPL;
  • Optional weekend field trips;
  • A new lesson on spatialized data modeling;
  • Another pecha kucha mid-term presentation, with awesome guest critics;
  • More paper prototypes;
  • And a peer-review session at the end, in which we develop and apply a set of evaluative criteria for serious peer evaluation of “multimodal” scholarship.

Here’s a not-quite-finished version of the syllabus. And while you’re at it, you might as well check out our class website, which, as of right now, still needs a new logo.

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