882 Pages

That’s how long my tenure dossier has turned out to be. After weeks of list-making (listing committees, listing courses, listing conferences, listing advisees, etc.), feedback-soliciting (thanks to Julia, Liz, Ted, and Dave!), sentence-polishing, and “evidence”-gathering, I’ve finally pulled everything together into one massive pdf.

Rather than showing a pile of paperwork — which would be totally expected! — here’s a hometown-Pennsylvania cornfield I walked through last week. Knee-high by the fourth of July!

I thought most of the hard work was done once I had a draft of my personal statement and a nice collection of materials for the appendices, but all those final “book-making” matters — cross-referencing appendix materials, referencing appendices within the text, getting the pages arranged nicely so things print out as I want them to, on either odd- or even-numbered pages, etc. — took an awful lot longer than I thought they would. That might just be because I’m stupidly particular; I bet most other people don’t fret over all these nitpicky things.

All that remains now is to submit everything on five flash drives and to print out five copies. I’ve been advised that no one’s going to care about artful presentation, and not to waste my time on fancy paper and binders and crap like that. But seeing as how one of the central arguments of my work is that “packaging matters!’ — that form has meaning — I’m thinking a bit outside the box…err, binder (oh, that was bad.). My dossier’s going to have some color, dammit. And some nice typography. And I’m going for a tasteful-and-conservative-but-somewhat-gallant binder choice.

If I make it through this thing alive, I’ll post my personal statement here — for the (potential) benefit of those who are facing this ordeal in the future. For now, I’m posting my Table of Contents, which offers an overview of the types of material I’ve included. This is one thing I didn’t find in my search for model dossiers (I did a lot of research and hunting for precedents before I started this whole process): a good sample TOC. Well, for what it’s worth, here’s mine, with some of the top-secret stuff redacted:

In closing, here’s a little brown Pennsylvania cow that seemed to take a liking to me:

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This is incredibly impressive Shannon! Tenure has got to be a sure thing, right?
And when it’s granted, you can celebrate with a trip to Europe 🙂

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