Yarn, Crayons, Archives & Copyright

Photo by UMA Student Adrian

I haven’t been talking much about it here, but I wanted to say how much I’m enjoying both of my fall classes (labor-intensive though they are!) — and how fantastic my students’ projects are. The projects for both classes require way more than engagement with the topical course content; they also require methodological savvy, careful considerations of various modes of argumentation, application of myriad media production skills, negotiation of library and archive access and use policies, etc. I’m incredibly grateful that the students are all so conscientious and committed to their projects. It helps, too, that they’re all super-smart and fun to work with.

If you’re interested in checking out their work, you should visit the classes’ dedicated websites (Media & Materiality; Urban Media Archaeology). I’ve made regular progress posts a requirement for Urban Media Archaeology, so their research and design processes are pretty well documented. The M&M team is creating equally fantastic exhibitions on everything from cassette tapes to processes of deletion to the telegraph-to-Twitter evolution to Facebook self-portraits to erotic food advertising to e-reading to cartographic history to effects pedals. When their final projects go live, I’ll post links to everything from the class websites.

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